GET SOME! is a comedy web series about a Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who go out of their way to keep their marriage sexy.

Created by Tammi Cubilette, Angelo Lozada and Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez. GET SOME! received several nominations by festivals such as: The International Academy Of Web Television (IAWTV), NBC's Short Cuts Film Festival and won 2016 Best Web episode at the Official Latino Short Film Festival.

Season 1 : Episode 1 "GO DOWN"

After a grueling day of packing for their Big Move, Sam and Viv want “special attention” from each other.

Season 1 : Episode 7 "SECRETS"

Just when they thought it was all on the table, Sam and Viv learn new nuggets about their past. Guest starring Selenis Leyva.


Season 1 : Episode 2 "HEALTH REASONS"

Viv runs into trouble when she tries to return an item she purchased from a specialty store. Guest starring Danny Hoch and Frank Queris.

Season 1 Episode 8 "LOVE HURTS"

Sam and Viv get outside help on picking up the pieces.

Season 2 : Episode 1 "BARNEY MUGGING"

Sam and Viv reaffirm their love through an unexpected source.

Season 2 : Episode 6 "SHECK IT OUT"

An unwanted visit from his loose cannon 'Pop' stirs up resentment in Sam. Co-starring Angel Salazar.